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Deep House & Garage Channel Strips For Logic Pro X

Loopmasters Deep House & Garage Channel Strips is an extensive collection of professional audio tools for producers working within the Logic X environment searching for inspiring channel strip set ups that have been perfectly tuned for Deep House & Garage productions.
Created exclusively for Loopmasters by Scott Diaz these dedicated Deep House and Garage tools could save hours of laborious set up time and unnecessary creative killing diversions by giving you ready to drop instrument and channel settings that allow you to get straight into mix.

This collection includes Highly Playable Instrument Channels, Enhancing Bus Channel Effects, Powerful Master Channel settings and Creative Insert FX Channels Designed specifically for the Deep House and Garage producer.
Deep House & Garage Channel Strips comes loaded with 91 channel strips for Logic X and takes advantage of the new plugins such as the Chord Trigger and Retro synth alongside the rock solid Logic plugins we have grown to love.

Each Channel strip has been set up ready to drag and drop into your project with minimum effort and only personal minor tweaking should be required. Many of the strips contain multiple plugins on the chain to give interesting and useable sounds that will fit into the mix straight away.


▪ 15 Bass Instrument Strips – including organ, sine, analogue style and square basses
▪ 8 Chord Instrument Strips – utilising the new ‘Chord Trigger’ plugin, in the style of Disclosure and Medlar.
▪ 4 Drum Kit Strips – using Ultrabeat, with overdrive and saturation style effects for that crunchy deep house and garage sound
▪ 5 Pad Instrument Strips
▪ 14 Synth Instrument Strips – including polysaws, arps, plucks and phased analogue style synths with a 90’s vibe – influenced by the likes of Grant Nelson and Booker T.
▪ 2 String Instrument Strips
▪ 2 Piano Instrument Strips
▪ 1 FX Instrument Strip


▪ 3 delay strips
▪ 5 drum processing strips that add crunch and saturation as well as general bus glue
▪ 2 pitch effect strips perfect for vocals and more
▪ 6 reverb strips especially suited to vocals and claps and percussion


▪ 4 bass processing strips
▪ 3 filter strips
▪ 14 vocal processing strips including strips to fix, thicken, excite, distort and add air
▪ 3 strips that go on the master output fader for basic mastering and to finalise tracks.

All modern dance music producers working within Logic X will find this collection useful and for Deep House and Garage producers this Channel Strips pack will prove essential for inspiring new ideas and increasing productivity, so check out the demos and hear the strips in action and then sample Deep House & Garage Channel Strips for Logic X TODAY!
Note: Requires the latest version of Logic X and will not work in any previous version of Logic/Pro

Tech Specs:

Note: Logic pro X Required

▪ 51 Instrument Presets + Channels
▪ 16 Bus/Aux Channels
▪ 21 Audio Channel Strips
▪ 3 Output Channel Strips

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